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We are CLOSED at the moment. Check our discord server to know more about the reopening date.

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Primal Hyperion • Empyreum • W 25 P 42
✧ Empyreum Northwest Subdivision ✧
Saturday: 08:00 pm EST → 10:00 pm EST
⤳ SFW ⬿

✦ Pride Event ✦

June 23 → 08pm to 10pm EST
Primal Hyperion • Empyreum • W 25 P 42

For the third time working with the Lucky Sevens, Maid Service is going to bring some extra love and moe power to The Rainbow Road Pride Festival. 🌈
We are going to have GIVEAWAYS, The Great Plushy Hunt and music performed by the amazing:

✦ The Great Plushy Hunt ✦

There is more to Pride than showing what you've got--you also get a chance to hunt for your own! And what better place to search for elements of your pride than with Hyperion's Maids? With cute elements sprinkled across the location, inside and out, there will be plenty of Pride to find and collect!✦ Prizes ✦
1st place: (Courtesy Lucky Sevens)
1.5 Million Gil + The winner will have a $20 donation made in their name (Player or Character) to Extra Life
2nd place: 1 Million Gil
3rd place: 500.000 Gil
✦ Rules ✦
Entry is free.
Hidden plush tabletop items hidden throughout the venue.
At 09:00 PM EST, a shout will be made, listing what plush tabletop items to find.
Entrants must RP walk only.
First player to race back to Konata Moe with the full list of plush tabletop item locations will be the winner!

✦ Plush List ✦
1 - Stuffed Tomato King
2 - Stuffed Namazu
3 - Stuffed Porxie
4 - Stuffed Eggplant Knight
5 - Stuffed Cait Sith
6 - Stuffed Tsukuyomi
7 - Stuffed Android Units
8 - Stuffed Fox
9 - Stuffed Mandragora Queen
10 -Stuffed Brina
11 - Authentic Evercold Starlight Snowman
12 - Stuffed Kupka Kupp
13 - Stuffed Tonberry
14 - Stuffed Clionid
15 - Stuffed Rabbit (dyed Black)

There's much more fun waiting for you!
The Rainbow Road Pride Festival Schedule

✦ Polaroid ✦

Polaroids are FREE!You can take pictures with staff members, friends or by yourself.↬ How does it work? ↫
Pick your favorite polaroid frame
Choose the spot for your picture
Use your favorite emote
/tell Konata Moe
Come make memories with Maid Service, Master!

✦ Simple ✦





"Look at this photograph! Every time I do, it makes me laugh..."

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✦ Party Service ✦

Celebrate a special date by the side of the best maids & butlers from Eorzea.
You can hire Maid Service to bring some extra love to your party.
The event can take place on the maid café or on a location of your choice.

Terms of Service
We are a SFW venue
Schedule your event at least 48 hours in advance
Make sure to inform the estimated number of guests
Respect all the staff members
Payment Upfront
Staff Pack
You can choose the maids/butlers of your event if you have a preference.
check our staff members: here
✦ 3 maids | butlers ✦
1.000.000 gil per hour
✦ 5 maids | butlers ✦
1.600.000 gil per hour
Depending on the number of guests, a larger number of staff members may be required.We are going to serve the meals from our menu, but you are free to request something specific.Contact
Discord: moekonata

Let Maid Service take care of you, Master.


♡ Konata Moe ♡

CEO, void maid & artist. Always working hard to keep everyone's heart warm. She is going to bless your food with love and give you some stolen bread.


♡ Neveve Neve ♡

The door maid. She is going to welcome you to Maid Service Café. Please be careful with your minion, Nev is the world-eater. Always hungry but will get really happy with some headpats.

♡ Nikko Tenryu ♡

The most sweet maid. She has a strong moe power and your order is going to get an explosion of love. Nikko's smile is going to heal you. Always making tasty food and sharing her kindness with the masters.

♡ Tsura Hanayome ♡

Really mature and will punish you if you don't behave. Tsura has a sad past but found a home in Maid Service. Being part of a family of maids made her heart warm and now she will do her best to make your heart warm as well.

♡ Yuki Bluestar ♡

BE CAREFUL! This gremlin might bite your ankles. Make sure to offer Yuki some cookies if you want this goblin to be nice to you. Don't be scared, she is nice when she is not hungry.

♡ Kaoru Okada ♡

Sweet and nice dragon lady. Kaoru is kind and is going to share her love with you. Can blush easily, so please be gentle with her.

♡ Chiisana Yawarakai ♡

A lovely maid that brings the power of sunshine with her smile. She is going to brighten your day and make you feel cozy.

♡ Sasha Sunborn ♡

This is a country maid. This bunny is ready to lasso your heart and make it her own. She may look cute but she is tough.

♡ Kotori Takamiya ♡

A beautiful kitsune maid ready for service. Don't be frightened by her fangs, she won't bite. Kotori loves headpats, so feel free to give her lots of it.

♡ Cu Eire ♡

He may look like a grumpy old man, but this butler is sweet as pie. His towering presence will make you feel safe and comfy.

✦ Maid Café ✦

Konata Moe founded Maid Service - the free company - on September 20, 2019. With the purpose of creating a comfy space, she worked hard and was able to open Maid Service Cafe for the first time during May 16, 2020.

More than a maid café, a home.

Primal Hyperion
Empyreum • W 25 P 42
✧ Empyreum Northwest Subdivision ✧
✦ Saturday ✦
08:00 pm EST → 10:00 pm EST

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Thank you for visiting us, Master!


All the website and discord server art was made by Konata Moe.
You can check more of her work at moekonata.com.
Please, do NOT use/edit Kona's work.
Do NOT use any of Kona's artwork in AI/ML programs.

Here you can check some of the art that Konata Moe made for Maid Service Cafe.
Click on the image to see it in full size.

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